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Solar Grid Tie power System (Primary product)

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The system automatically ‘wakes-up’ in the morning and feeds-in power to the grid, provided the grid power is within the window (Voltage and frequency limit) synchronization. The maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) circuit within the grid tie inverter extracts the Maximum available power from the solar array and feeds it to the grid. If the grid voltage and/or frequency go out of the window, the inverter is immediately isolated from the grid.

The inverter will reconnect after a pre-determined time when the grid is back within the window. When the feed-in power is below a predetermined level or when the solar insulation is below a selected value for a pre-determined level or when the solar insulation is below a selected value for a pre-determined period of time inverter is isolated from the grid and is operated in sleep mode. This minimizes the stand by losses.

Grid tied solar power system operates such that,

  • If solar is generating enough power, no power will be drawn from grid.
  • If solar is meeting partial load, remaining power will be drawn from grid.
  • If solar is generating no power, grid will be source of supply.
  • If Solar is generating excess power, power will be exported to the grid.
  • There is no storage of power.

Benefits & Features :

  • Most environment friendly Project.
  • A permanent shield against ever increasing power prices.
  • The cheapest source of electrical energy.
  • A project with the quick payback period.
  • No batteries required.
  • Operation and Maintenance (O&M) costs are low.
  • Payback Within 3 – 4 Years
  • Accelerated depreciation reducing capital investment cost
  • No maintenance, no pollution, no moving parts.
  • Reliable & long life - more than 25 years

Off-grid Solar Power System

Off-grid Solar power pack systems are designed to charge your battery bank via charge controllers and thereby providing necessary backup. These systems are designed to store extra energy in the batteries after feeding directly to load, during the day.


  • Be an independent power producer withreliable electricity.
  • No more wastage of money on fuel during power cut-offs.
  • Source Priority controller.
  • MPPT based Charge controller technology.
  • Advanced features allow remote monitoring.
  • Minimum maintenance.
  • 2 Years standard warranty.
  • Payback period : 4 - 5 Years.
  • System life of 25 - 30 Years.
  • Life time savings as much as 6 - 7 times.

Solar Water Pump

A Solar powered water pumps runs on electricity generated by photovoltaic panels. Solar pumps are useful where grid electricity is unavailable and alternative sources are not feasible.

Features and Benefits :

  • Complete independence from grid electricity for water supply.
  • No voltage disturbances.
  • Works on Solar during day & electric power at night.
  • Unattended operation with very low maintenance.
  • No need of replacing existing pumps.
  • Range – 1Hp onwards
  • Dry running protection.
  • Energy efficient pump controllers.
  • Highly reliable.
  • Payback period : 1 -2 y ears.
    (Compared to diesel generator)

Solar Water Heater

Approx System weight with water is 1.6kg. per Liter.

Large capacity Solar Water Heater available from 1000 LPD to several thousand LPD.

Key Features :

  • No Electricity Required
  • Maintenance Free
  • Latest Solar Technology
  • Better Frame Design
  • Longer Life
  • Completely Safe
  • Easy Installation
  • Produced by Reliable Materials
  • Electrical Backup Facility ( Optional )

Applications :

  • Building & Bungalows
  • School & Boarding
  • Swimming Pool
  • Hotels, Hospitals
  • Textile Industries
  • Resorts, Apartments

Evacuated Tube collector (ETC) Solar Water HeaterTechnical Detail

Model No. of Tubes Back UP Heater (Optional) Solar Total Height After Fitting Minimum Required Over Head Tank Height From Terrace Inner tank Tank Insulation Outer Tank Cover Min roof area Reqd. Shadow free (NSX EW)
100 LPD 10 2 KW 59 79 SS.304/GI PUF GI-P.coted 77″ x 36″
125 LPD 13 2 KW 59 79 SS.304/GI PUF GI-P.coted 77″ x 44″
150 LPD 15 2 KW 59 79 SS.304/GI PUF GI-P.coted 77″ x 52″
200 LPD 20 2 KW 59 79 SS.304/GI PUF GI-P.coted 77″ x 69″
250 LPD 25 2 KW 59 79 SS.304/GI PUF GI-P.coted 77″ x 85″
300 LPD 30 2 KW 59 79 SS.304/GI PUF GI-P.coted 77″ x 99″
500 LPD 32 4 KW OR (2KW + 2KW) 75 98 SS.304/GI PUF GI-P.coted 82″ x 100″
1000 LPD 54 8 KW OR (4KW – 02NOS) 75 98 SS.304/GI PUF GI-P.coted 82″ x 215″

Solar Street Light

Key Features :

  • High efficient solar LED street lighting (6w).
  • Integrated battery, Allows simple installation.
  • Automatic ON/OFF with integrated sensor.
  • Super efficient LED's more than 30,000 hrs lifetime.
  • Pressure die cast aluminum body for improving led life.
  • Rechargeable. No maintenance lithium ion batteries
  • High efficiency electronic & thermal management
  • Solar panel : minimum 10 years life
  • IP65 complaint design.

Solar Mini Home Light System Model No Description
1 PEHL-50 Solar PV Panel : 50W
Inverter : 100W
Battery : 20Ah
2 PEHL-100 Solar PV Panel : 100W
Inverter : 100W
Battery : 40Ah
3 PEHL-150 Solar PV Panel : 150W
Inverter : 200W
Battery : 60Ah
4 PEHL-200 Solar PV Panel : 200W
Inverter : 200W
Battery : 75Ah
5 PEHL-300 Solar PV Panel : 300W
Inverter : 300W
Battery : 100Ah