Tested, Refined & Proven Approach

Every project is unique, but our approach stays comprehensive. Our process of client interaction, engineering work and compliance has been tested, undergone continual refinement and proven to be focused on the end user. With our vast expertise we combine ace strategy and custom-built solutions to provide consistently better services and products. Our values of trust, quality, satisfaction and commitment will reflect in the final results.

Site Visit

We plan a site visit to assess the suitability of the area, feasibility of range of solutions and challenges faced.


For us client interaction is crucial to understand ‘what do you need’ and ‘why’. We gather information from the client on power requirement, needs, consumption habit and concerns. Any specific installation requirements w.r.t elevation, roofing and design are discussed and recommended.

Customized Solutions

Based on evaluation of the site and client objectives we recommend custom solutions in terms of appropriate product, capacity, and utility and ROI.

Material Order

Our product material is manufactured at a state-of-art facility with all quality checks. We also maintain a good inventory for quick execution within promised delivery period.


Once we get the order you can leave everything to us. We ensure 100 % compliance and seek relevant permissions from different statutory bodies for client convenience.

On-site Execution

After permissions are sought and material order is completed installation begins at site following every safety aspect.

Report Submission

Upon completion of site work a report is submitted to MSEB. MSEB personnel plan a site visit and testing, post which NOC is provided to client and an agreement is signed between client and MSEB.

Plant Commission

After prompt reporting and approvals installed units are checked and commissioned for generation of power.

Net Metering Connection

A net meter is installed for measuring bidirectional flow of power i.e. import and export of power from grid and solar system to calculate final consumption.

Green Energy Generation

You can now generate your own green power through the solar system.

Maintenance Support

Even after we have rolled out a solution, we provide constant support for existing product and any recurring requirements.